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It’s 11.11 when I type in the title of this post. Okay. So write for 10 minutes. Something should come out of if, even if it’s just 10 lines. But everyday 10 lines, over a year 365 times 10 lines (I don’t have a calculator on hand XD). Assuming of course that I will manage to do this every day…

Anyway, here it is. It’s Friday, almost weekend. Beautiful sunny day. After this I want to make lunch and want to bake a pumpkin cake for which my workplace provided all the ingredients. Then we should send a photo of the end result. Well, we’ll see… With my combi-microwave oven I’m not sure the result will be that beautiful…

Actually, I do have a goal with this post though. I want to mention a person here who inspires me lately. She’s an American writer, Gretchen Rubin. We got her book, The Happiness Project last year. In her book she describes a year where she worked on her own happiness. It’s a very practical book, with hands-on things that she does for her own happiness. One of them is also starting a blog: Actually, this inspired me to start mine last year and Ms. Rubin, should you ever come across my writing, please note that it’s not my goal to copy you! But you did inspire me to start putting down my thoughts and persuing what I loved to do as a kid as well (also in your book): writing.

Another thing she mentions that can make you happy is: make other people happy. To give an example: over a period of time she tries to stop nagging her husband so much so he gets some peace.

I once tried this for a week and I realized how difficult it is because I’m such a nagger! I realized how much I nag and complain about stupid things like: why are the tea mugs amongst the water glasses, instead of seperated? Why are the coffie cups not in between the mugs and glasses? I realized that instead of nagging about it, it takes me like 30 seconds to rearrange them, so every time I see that my mugs and glasses found their way back to each other, I take a deep breath and put them back where they belong (according to me).

Yep, I’m that neurotic. But if me not nagging makes my other half happy and actually I’m the one who wants the mugs and glasses seperated, I’ll should just shut up and do it myself. He’s happy that I didn’t nag and I’m happy because the mugs are also in their rightful place.

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