I think I start to understand the slogan of Nike: ”Just do it”. When I started with this blog last summer, I was planning to post at least every week. Before posting, I wrote down the blog in Google docs and have them proofread. I had a whole planning. The problem with this plan was that after a while they just stayed plans, instead of actual blogs. And after a while, I started to post less frequently. My last blog was posted four months ago…

I was also planning to pick a central topic every week and write about that. But I couldn’t keep focus because I had no inspiration at all. Then someone dear to me pointed out to me: ”Why would you want to write about these ‘big topics’? It’s more difficult for people to relate to them. Try simple things; everyday things. And just 10 minutes a day.” And that’s what I’m doing now. No planning, no Google docs, no proofreading. Just writing, directly into WordPress. Just doing it. For you, for me. Just because I like to do it. If someone reads it, great! But now I realize: the main reason I started blogging is because I like writing. Even if no one else will see it, I still like doing it. And if it helps anyone, even better! But what’s more important: I see the result of it!

Right now I also feel a little guilty because I write this blog during ‘office hours’… The thing is that since the pandemic, I sometimes (=often) have no motivation to do any work because of the nature of my job, it’s very uncertain how it will turn out or whether I will see any results at all. Then I feel so useless at the end of the day for not having accomplished anything.

Lately, I started to do things for myself during the day to keep my focus and still develop. This week I read a lot about reiki again and try to pick it up. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to give any treatments for months now because of the pandemic but I still want to learn more.

Then when I re-find my energy, I return to my ‘normal’ job and try to get things done. I noticed that when I had done something useful for myself, I have more energy to do something useful for my job. And in the end of the day I still manage to get a couple of things off my to-do list this way.

Win-win: I did someting for myself and I did something for work. I often tend to forget that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and I try to perform just as well as before that. But how? It’s crisis; everything is so uncertain and you can’t plan or even do your job.

Last summer I was also following a course on coursera.org and Laura Santos, psychology professor at Yale University said: ‘Be kind to yourself. We’re in the middle of a crisis’. So that’s what I’m trying to do now. Just doing things that I can and in the end they will add up to a bigger whole.

So, to conclude: it’s not even lunch time yet but I wrote a blog! Yaaaay! I did something that I’m satisfied with and now I will return to do some work. Because I also got some ideas on how to proceed with a couple of things there! This feels so good. Being useful and being inspired. 

I’m not sure when I’m going to write my next post. And about which topic. But it’s not important anymore. The goal is just to do it.

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