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Zowel fysiek als mentaal.
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Jump rope workshops

Sportief op vakantie op Schiermonnikoog? Doe mee aan de jump rope workshop en leer coole trucjes met de springtouw!


Reiki behandelingen

Ervaar een volledige mentale en fysieke ontspanning tijdens je vakantie op Schiermonnikoog!

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Coffee and pancakes

Coffee and pancakes

It's Sunday which means pancakes for breakfast! I'm not sure why but once I woke up on a Sunday, I was feeling well-rested and lazy and I made pancakes for breakfast (actually, it's rather brunch time by the time we eat). This has been years ago and since then almost...

Just another 10 minutes

Just another 10 minutes

It's 11.11 when I type in the title of this post. Okay. So write for 10 minutes. Something should come out of if, even if it's just 10 lines. But everyday 10 lines, over a year 365 times 10 lines (I don't have a calculator on hand XD). Assuming of course that I will...

Just doing it

Just doing it

I think I start to understand the slogan of Nike: ''Just do it''. When I started with this blog last summer, I was planning to post at least every week. Before posting, I wrote down the blog in Google docs and have them proofread. I had a whole planning. The problem...

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