Selecteer een pagina is basically my own interpretation of the world and what I have learned. The treatments are one way from the many, to help people overcome their fears and negative emotions or actually strengthening the positive ones. 

The reason why I started it is because a couple of years ago I got over exhausted and made it into a burn-out-like state. I don’t like labelling it as a burnout. It sounds so negative. But it just got too much at work. As a result I felt horrible and behaved even worse towards my loved ones. 

Then I took some time off of work to recover. Before I could be nice to my environment again, I had to pull myself together and go back to the basics. 


Before my pause, I got pretty overweight. My cholesterol was higher than normal; I looked unhealthy and felt unhealthy. Now we know that we can gain weight from stress anyway, and I found that when you’re stressed, your body is actually producing a hormone, cortisol (the stress hormone) that IS making you fat*. Cortisol makes you sleep less, have more cravings, unbalance your thyroid function and slow down your metabolism. Every woman’s nightmare!

‘’Mens sana in corpore sano’’ translates from Latin as ‘’a healthy mind in a healthy body’’. So the first thing I did, reinvented my eating and exercising habits with the help of a Hungarian programme: Intenset. Clear diets, clear exercising and I already dropped a couple of kilos after the first weeks. 


As a result of stress, I also developed panic attacks and severe anxiety with extreme death fear. Every single night I was scared to fall asleep because somehow I thought that I’m not gonna make it to the next day. Even though that besides the high cholesterol, I was healthy as I could be. But my mind made me believe weird things. 

I know and knew very well that that this above was complete bull***t. But my body reacted in a different way. It thought, there was danger.  So I started a cognitive therapy with a psychologist who gave me some techniques to ease my mind.

Although, I must say that one of the best things against stress is still: resting. After I stopped working, I slept about 12 hours per night. In one row. 

So with taking care of my body and my mind, my symptoms have started to drop. Unfortunately, they are still not entirely gone but instead of every week, now I have a panic attack every few months. Very cool!

Soul is my way of working on my soul. I have been spiritual all my life but I also dropped this term because it just frames a way of thinking too much, indicating a certain group of people which takes a lot of work to be part of. And I want to make it accessible to everyone.

Working on your soul, your inner being and emotions is something we should all be taking care of. But how? 

I think it’s just like taking care of your body and your mind. Going back to the basics by getting your thoughts and emotions under control. Which I admit, I’m also still struggling with sometimes. But I hope that eventually it will just result in a nice person in the end.

Eventually… is also my way of saying and realizing: I am not alone with the above issues. So no, neither are you. You might have recognised some of the things already. But the reason why there’s so much literature on this topic is because millions of people actually struggle with these things. And this is my way of hoping to help you realise: you’re not alone.

*Scott E (22 September 2011). “Cortisol and Stress: How to Stay Healthy”. 18-05-2020

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